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Setting up the system

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What's in the box

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One Control Station

An equal number of Player Stations for each team

Two (2) 6 ft. Cords plus enough 3 ft. Cords for each Player Station

One Power Supply

One Case

Each part is individually tested and the system is assembled and tested prior to shipment


How to assemble

  • Unpack your QuizSystem from the carrying case
  • Separate the control station, long 6ft RCA cords, short 4ft RCA cords, and separate the player stations (Red Team and Amber Team).
  • The control station and each player station each have two standard RCA connector jacks used to connect the system together
  • Use half of the short RCA cords to connect the Red Team stations in a line
  • Use the other half of the short RCA cords to connect the Amber stations in a line
  • Use one long RCA cord to connect the Red Team player stations to the control station
  • Use one long RCA cord to connect the Amber Team player stations to the control station
  • Plug the control station into a standard 120 volt outlet

Testing and Operation

  • The Control Station ready light (green) should be lit as soon as the system is plugged to a power outlet
  • When the first Player Station button is pressed, that station lights up, the corresponding team color lights on the Control Station, and the buzzer sounds
  • All other Player Stations should be "locked out" until the system is reset
  • To reset the lockout, simply press the Reset button on the control station. All lights should turn off when the button is pressed
  • After the system has been reset (only the green Ready light is lit), player stations may "ring in" when ready
  • Note that the system cannot reliably distinguish if multiple players attempt to "ring in" by holding their button down during the reset
  • Verify that each player station can "ring in" and lock out properly
  • Your QuizSystem is ready for your team practice or competition!

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